Apps that I use

I use lots of apps. Here are a few that I have open often and that come to mind.

If you want to know more about how I work email me or check out my dotfiles directory at


Recent plugins that I’ve found to be useful for vim include ALE and TabNine. (TabNine is great whatever editor you’re using)


I use it with the leader mapped to ^-a instead of ^-b, a holdover from my screen days.

Recently I discovered tmux-resurrect which has made tmux even better.


Flycut (formerly known as Jumpcut) is an extremely fast and simple clipboard manager for macOS.

For me, clipboard management is one of those things that’s really difficult to live without once you’ve integrated it into your workflow. Having ~a day’s worth of stuff that I’ve copied to my clipboard is like having a second brain. is a useful screencap app. It makes it easy to record UI/UX for discussion (e.g. in pull requests). ffmpeg and libav used to be my tools of choice for these sorts of tasks, but right now Kap is a good fit.

React Native Debugger

Keeps me from muddling my debugging experience with tabs in Chrome (this makes more sense to me than having a single tab in Chrome that hooked up to a client-side debugger in alongside many tabs that are for other things around work).

I use the Gmail web interface for personal mail when I’m on my laptop, but when I need a standalone app (for work, sometimes needing to be Exchange-enabled, or when I’m on a mobile device), I reach for I dislike’s keyboard shortcuts less than every other app I have tried.

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